3 Neat Salesforce + Web Form Integration Features You Have to Try


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If you use Salesforce, you need a way to get data into your CRM; it’s as simple as that. Web forms integrated with Salesforce (such as the ones we offer) are a great, straightforward way to do that. But beyond simply sending data to Salesforce, you may want to invest in a solution that provides prefilling, works with custom objects, and more. All of these things are included in FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration, plus even more abilities.

Below you’ll learn about three uncommon FormAssembly-Salesforce features you might not have realized were possible. If you’re attending Salesforce World Tour DC 2019, it’s a great time to ask us about these features and more in person!

1. Sync Partial Responses

Sometimes respondents don’t complete an entire form in one sitting, for one reason or another. Enabling Save & Resume is a great way to allow respondents to pause filling out a form and then return and complete it later. This feature can be enhanced with the use of the Salesforce Save Connector, which sends partial responses to your Salesforce instance to create and update records when the respondent saves the form.

2. Create Chatter Posts

At FormAssembly, we use Chatter to run our VIP program. Whatever you use Chatter for at your organization, you can get more out of it by using web forms to post messages directly to a Chatter feed and even include files.

3. Salesforce Dynamic Picklists

If you want your align your web forms closer to Salesforce, you can implement our Salesforce Dynamic Picklists feature, which allows you to include drop-down menus in your forms that pull options straight from Salesforce Dynamic Picklists or lookup results.

With the right Salesforce-connected web form solution, you can drastically streamline your processes and save time and money.

We hope to see you at World Tour DC to share more about our integrated web form platform. In the meantime, grab a free trial!

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