Year of Unlimited Webinar #3: Multiple Salesforce Connectors on a Single Form

Jun 14, 2019 | Resources, Unlimited, Webinar

We’re half-way through the Year of Unlimited and still committed to bringing you webinars that address all aspects of how FormAssembly allows users to see unlimited success. If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of these webinars yet, you’ll have several other opportunities this year with webinars focused on the FormAssembly Salesforce Connector and other topics.

On July 18, don’t miss the third webinar in our Year of Unlimited series where Steven Watkins, Marketing Automation Specialist, and Maggie Tharp, Creative Manager, will talk all things unlimited and go over how to set up multiple FormAssembly Salesforce Connectors to reduce complexity in your overall web form setup.

The webinar will feature a live walk-through of the FormAssembly Salesforce Connector as well as a Q&A portion where you can ask any questions you have about form builder integrations or other topics.

What Unlimited Means at FormAssembly

Beyond the webinars and blogs, Unlimited is an ongoing concept at FormAssembly that permeates multiple areas of our platform and will continue long after the Year of Unlimited is over.

Some of the unlimited aspects of FormAssembly include unlimited forms and responses, unlimited support through multiple avenues, and virtually unlimited use cases. Explore further what unlimited means at FormAssembly.

Past Year of Unlimited Webinars

Other Year of Unlimited webinars have covered topics related to form builder integrations and the FormAssembly Salesforce Connector. Dive into these topics by watching the recorded presentation and Q&A of two past Year of Unlimited webinars:

Secure Your Seat: Sign Up Today

Whether you’re a regular attendee of FormAssembly webinars or you haven’t had a chance to sign up for one yet, this is a great session for anyone interested in form builder integrations.

Snag your seat today for this upcoming installment of the popular Year of Unlimited webinar series.

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