Here’s What Salesforce AppExchange Customers Are Saying About FormAssembly


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Reading through AppExchange form builder reviews is a helpful way for Salesforce users to learn about apps from other users’ point of view. In this blog, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite recent FormAssembly AppExchange reviews that provide insight on our all-in-one web form builder and data collection platform.

1. Update forms quickly with no tech experience

“Our previous website had 28 forms that were created by an IT person. Any time we wanted to update or make changes, we had to wait for this person to help us. About a year ago, we launched a new website, and I, with no tech experience, created all 28 of the forms [in FormAssembly] and am able to update them quickly anytime. The responses can be downloaded in Excel, giving us easy access to lists and information. It took less than five minutes to connect to PayPal so that our customers could pay tuition, purchase tickets, etc. There is also connectivity to Salesforce which we are now using as our data management system. I believe that with a bit more time and help, we will be able to maximize the potential of this benefit.” —Karen Dennis, Midwest Young Artists Conservatory

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2. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish

“I keep coming up with creative ways to use this [FormAssembly], and though I am fearless technically, I have no formal training in IT. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish. We use it for web-to-lead forms, course registration, job applications, admissions processes, web donations, invoicing and payments, conference iPad list sign-ups, one-click email surveys, renewal responses, membership forms and renewals, book sales, a secure way for students and staff to upload sensitive documentation, and even as a shortcut for my staff when a process requires the updating and/or creation of multiple records. The possibilities are almost endless. If you know just a little bit of rudimentary Javascript (I only know enough to copy and customize scripts others have written) you can do even more. The platform is also very reliable. It integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, with Chargent for credit card processing, and a whole lot more that I haven’t had the chance to try yet. Our business runs almost entirely through FormAssembly and Salesforce.” —Gordon Brode, One Spirit Learning Alliance

3. Information you need ends up in Salesforce

We’ve been using FormAssembly longer than we’ve had Salesforce. FormAssembly and Salesforce together are great! They ‘talk’ to each other so that information that we need ends up in Salesforce. We sometimes have an issue with client double entries, and this connection takes that out so our total number of registrants is correct.” —Daniella Kamis-Brown

4. Saves time

FormAssembly is a huge timesaver for our organization. On the CoPilot team and at College Forward, we are utilizing FormAssembly to simplify processes that were once painfully manual and time consuming. We’ve utilized several automation features through FormAssembly to quickly create new accounts or contacts to help us organize new program applicants and new partners interested in our product. We’ve also benefited greatly from the wonderful support we’ve been given to help think of ways to expand how we are using FormAssembly as a tool.” —Geeta Shukla, College Forward

5. Added efficiency, easy to learn

FormAssembly has allowed us to open up Salesforce in a way we never thought possible. We are able to use FormAssembly forms to allow contacts to update their records, for partners to submit regulatory paperwork, and for potential partners to schedule trainings. The added efficiency has allowed us to cut down on hours spent on administrative tasks and instead spend those hours serving our community. While the system is complicated, the online tutorials and drag-and-drop functionality make it accessible and easy to learn.” —Allen Moy, PCFMA

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