Hop in the Passenger’s Seat: FormAssembly Roadmap Series


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The FormAssembly product roadmap series is a series that replaces the ideas forum as a way to show off new and upcoming features, gather feedback, and start a conversation with our users (read: you!) about how we’re continuously working on making FormAssembly better and more user-friendly.

This series gives you the opportunity to:

  • Learn About New and Upcoming FormAssembly Improvements

    We’re working on new features and improvements to FormAssembly all the time. Knowing about what we’re developing can help you map out your use of FormAssembly down the road.

  • Make Feature and Improvement Requests

    We want to hear how we could make FormAssembly better for you. In this series, you can let us know of any new features you’d be interested in seeing. Also, we may be retiring, but we won’t be scrapping the ideas you suggested there. We’ll follow up and let you know what’s happening with some of the most popular feature requests.

  • See the Difference Your Feedback Makes

    This isn’t just a one-sided series. We’ll be listening and gathering your feedback throughout, and we’ll pass along information on how we put your comments to use.

We always value customer input and these posts will be one more way of being transparent and getting you involved.
If you have any new feature suggestions, please share them in the comments of any of our roadmap series. We’ll share these suggestions with our product team and, if warranted, get back to you with further questions via email or the comments section in these blog posts.

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