FormAssembly Release 5.12.0: Theme Retirement

In FormAssembly 5.12.0, we have retired the 2018 themes.

Released to Professional and Premier:
Thursday, March 19, 2020
Released to Enterprise and Compliance Cloud:
Monday, March 23, 2020

Changes made

Retired 2018 themes from the themes list:

  • Cloud (2018)
  • Cotton Candy (2018)
  • Demo (2018)
  • Lightning (2018)
  • Polar (2018)
  • Sky (2018)
  • Tag (2018)



  • The form outline was not coming into focus when a user clicked on a section on the form canvas that was off screen; this issue has been addressed.
  • Accessibility improvements: Addressed screen reader accessibility, keeping the focus on the page itself as a user goes between pages within the form
  • Bug fix: Restored direct link to help doc articles from the “Search Documentation” feature in the help menu
  • Chat app: Hid the chat bubble in the lower right to drive people to the new resource center; chat is still available in the help dropdown within the form builder
  • Security: When an admin user logs in as another user and attempts to update that user’s contact info, the password prompt that follows now asks for the admin’s password, and not the user you’re impersonating.
  • Architecture: Behind the scenes, we’ve released a number of upgrades to the underlying architecture. When finished, these upgrades will improve app performance and allow us to deliver new features.

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