FormAssembly Release 5.1.2: Search All Reports

In FormAssembly 5.1.2, we released the Search All Reports feature, which allows form creators to search responses across all forms. This feature is useful for GDPR compliance, as it allows you to search for data that belongs to specific respondents. We also added a few improvements and resolved several issues. Please see the full details below.
Released to Professional and Premier:
Wednesday, October 17th, 2018, at 12:02 PM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time, GMT-4
Released to Enterprise and Compliance Cloud:
Wednesday, October 30th, 2018, at 12:40 PM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time, GMT-4


  • Added search across all form reports for form creators
  • Added ability for form creators to specify the reply-to email address for Save and Resume notifications
  • Updated Form Builder editing toolbar to display source of choices for multiple-choice question
  • Made it easier for API users to retrieve authorization codes by dropping the hash and special characters

Resolved Issues

  • Respondents should not see all un-triggered conditional fields within a matrix grid section
  • Updated branding and redundant wording in Salesforce Connector error email notifications
  • Salesforce Communities (now Salesforce Experience Cloud) and SAML-authenticated respondents should be able to resume responses
  • target=”_blank” attribute for hyperlinks should be retained in forms
  • Form creators searching responses should not see queries including special characters breaking search functionality
  • Form creators should not be able to map a Dynamic Picklist to the same question twice in the Salesforce Prefill Connector
  • HTTPS Connector requests should be automatically completed without requiring form creators to manually click into log entries
  • Failing authentications for Salesforce Prefill Connector should not display sad robot error

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