FormAssembly Release 5.0.2

In FormAssembly 5.0.2, we released several features to assist with GDPR compliance. We also updated several translations, improved the overall experience of Form Builder 5.0, and resolved many issues detailed below.
Released to Professional and Premier:
Monday, May 21st, 2018, at 11:30 AM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time, GMT-4
Released to Enterprise and Compliance Cloud:
Monday, June 11th, 2018, at 1:23 PM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time, GMT-4


  • Add plaintext Sensitive Data settings for PII and General Sensitive Data
  • Allow customizing the Contact Information and GDPR Rights links in form footers
  • Add support for Salesforce API Version 42 across Salesforce connectors
  • Enable IP anonymization on forms
  • Enable session timeout for Enterprise and Compliance Cloud users
  • Add “Emphasize Section” option for fieldsets, which is useful for emphasizing important information
  • Increased Autosuggest results display limit to 39
  • Update Danish, German, British English, and Italian translations
  • Improved user experience for dragging content placeholder in Form Builder
  • Allow dragging content to Page Navigation dropdown menu to move content to a different page in Form Builder
  • Added spinning gear when Form Builder is loading, for visual feedback
  • Update Add and Edit Image modals to be consistent with other Form Builder 5.0 modals
  • Improved alignment for toggles in the Properties panels in Form Builder

Resolved Issues

  • Resolve error when submitting a response to a form with E-Signature enabled
  • Resolve issue with authenticating Salesforce connectors on Sandbox and custom domains with username/password/token credentials
  • Resolve issue with prompting form creator to update Form Name when changing Form Title, and the name and title matched before
  • Resolve issue with currently applied theme not showing after upgrading a form to Form Builder 5.0
  • Resolve issue with upgrading forms through the URL to Form Builder 5.0
  • Resolve issue with drag and drop accuracy when scrolling
  • Resolve issue with deleting repeated file uploads when saving and resuming a response
  • Resolve issue with form alignment not changing when setting form language to a Right-to-Left language
  • Resolve errors with form settings after transferring with the Form Transfer Tool
  • Resolve issue with inconsistent Authorize.Net subscription transaction processing
  • Resolve issue with missing data from remaining repeated sections when pushed to Salesforce, after respondent removes a repeated section
  • Resolve issue with missing supportive text when creating a theme, and no theme options have been added yet
  • Resolve issue with Countries Predefined Content for Professional and Premier users
  • Resolve issue with missing file type validation in Form Builder 5.0
  • Resolve issue with missing warning about public data when previewing an Autosuggest dataset
  • Resolve issue with dragging and dropping content in Form Builder
  • Update Themes link in Forms List to point to Form Builder 5.0 when default Form Builder version is 5.0
  • Prevent nesting pages in Form Builder Outline
  • Resolve issue with uneven number of opening and closing div tags for published forms
  • Resolve issue with Enter key creating a new line break instead of saving the section title
  • Resolve issue with character counter not displaying properly when form language is set to Netherlands

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