FormAssembly Release 4.6.12

Disclaimer: As of June 2018, Form Builder 5.0 is the default version of the FormAssembly Form Builder. Visit the release blog post to learn about the Form Builder 5.0 improvements.

In FormAssembly 4.6.12, we added a URL parameter to reports so you can customize how many responses display per report page. Simply append the report page URL with limit?=#, with # as the number of responses you’d like to view per page.
We also resolved an issue where users typing in the Form Builder (for example, when setting up variables or calculated fields) would experience a delay. Additionally, we resolved an issue where custom validation error messages would not display for repeated fields.
Released to Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Released to Enterprise: Thursday, November 30, 2017


  • Number of responses displayed per report page should be controllable by URL parameter or dropdown menu navigation

Bug fixes

  • Typing in Form Builder should not cause delay or wrong field focus
  • Custom validation errors should display for repeated fields

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