FormAssembly Release 4.6.11

In FormAssembly 4.6.11, we updated the Salesforce Communities (now Salesforce Experience Cloud) authentication setup page to remove the publishing URL as Salesforce no longer allows URL redirects within the Community Builder. We added instructions to use the FormAssembly Lightning Component instead, and made it easier to grab the form ID and token.
We also added localization options for E-Signature email notifications. You can now add translations for verifying E-Signatures, closing E-Signature records, resetting the signatory email, and granting third-party access to E-Signature records.
Released to Monday, November 20, 2017
Released to Enterprise: Monday, November 20, 2017


  • Update and simplify Salesforce Communities authentication setup page
  • Add localization options for E-Signature emails
  • Update Hebrew translation

Bug fixes

  • Preserve default values for repeated text areas
  • Allow prefilled “No Overwrite” dropdown menus and multiselect lists to trigger conditional fields

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