FormAssembly Release 4.6.10

In FormAssembly 4.6.10, we added the Response ID to repeated fields and sections so exported reports can be sorted properly. We also updated the translations with the latest changes.
To address the issue of negative form completion times, we added an additional timer to calculate the completion time.
We resolved the issue of default values not carrying over to repeated fields and sections, and allowing prefilled fields with “No Overwrite” enabled to trigger conditional fields. We also fixed a few minor UI bugs in reports and sidebar navigation.
Released to Thursday, October 26, 2017
Released to Enterprise: Thursday, October 26, 2017


  • Add Response ID to repeated fields and sections in form reports
  • Update localizations
  • Add additional timer for calculating form completion time

Bug fixes

  • Change form completion times that are negative to 0
  • Sidebar navigation should highlight current page for Templates, Datasets, and Salesforce Import
  • Sidebar navigation should highlight Datasets when viewing in Admin Dashboard
  • Account and Billing payment amount should display total after discounts are applied
  • Report “select all” checkbox should display properly when selecting and deselecting items
  • Preserve default values for repeated fields and sections
  • Allow “No Overwrite” fields to trigger conditional fields when prefilled

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