FormAssembly Release 4.5.16

Disclaimer: As of June 2018, Form Builder 5.0 is the default version of the FormAssembly Form Builder. Visit the release blog post to learn about the Form Builder 5.0 improvements.

Here’s the latest FormAssembly product updates! We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.
For this release, we updated our form markup to include more aria attributes for accessibility. We also fixed several bugs, including a Salesforce prefill date error, response view permissions for shared forms, and Form Builder 4.4.0 user experience issues.
Read on for more details:
Released to Thursday, May 25, 2017
Released to Enterprise: Tuesday, May 30, 2017


  • Added aria markup for accessibility

Bug fixes

  • Fixed rearranging Parent and Child menu dependencies not saving correctly
  • Fix date prefilled from Salesforce with offset timezones +1 day
  • Fixed “Back to Design Mode” button container overlapping fields in Form Builder 4.4.0 Preview mode
  • Added “process forms” role-based permission (Enterprise only)
  • Fixed clicking on groups in Outline view jumping Form Builder 4.4.0 to top
  • Fixed view response permissions error on shared forms

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