FormAssembly Plugin Upgrade for WordPress 4.0.1

We’ve updated our FormAssembly plugin for WordPress.
The previous plugin is incompatible with WordPress 4.0.1, and will break all FormAssembly forms published through WordPress. If you’re using WordPress version 4.0.1 or greater, please upgrade now.
Note: If you’re using an older version of WordPress (e.g., 4.0.0), you do not need to upgrade.
The plugin now uses single brackets for the shortcode:

[formassembly formid=123456]

Shortcodes with double brackets such as [[formassembly formid=123456]] will still work, but we recommend that you change all of your current shortcodes to single brackets, as WordPress may change the shortcode format in the future. You can see more shortcode examples in the Knowledge Base article.
If you run into any issues, please email [email protected]. If you have any questions or feedback, tweet @FormAssembly, or leave a comment below!

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