FormAssembly Pay as You Go Plan Retirement Notice


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The FormAssembly Pay as You Go plan is being officially retired on April 1, 2020, allowing FormAssembly to focus even more on improving our Professional, Premier, Enterprise, and Compliance plans. Our goal is to ensure the most positive customer experience across each of our plans, and we’re here to support current Pay as You Go users through this change. Read on for more details on how to keep your FormAssembly account by upgrading to Professional.

Upgrade to Professional

If you’re sad to see the Pay as You Go plan retire, you’re in luck! You can continue using FormAssembly by upgrading to FormAssembly Professional. This plan offers collaboration, powerful integrations with Salesforce and other tools, high security and compliance standards, and unlimited forms and responses.

FormAssembly Professional helps businesses in all industries simplify tedious data collection processes. From nonprofit volunteer forms to secure payment forms for financial services, the use cases for FormAssembly Professional plan are limitless.

Pay as You Go credits expire on April 1, 2020. If you decide not to upgrade to Professional, just reach out to us for a refund of any remaining credits on or before April 1, 2020. If you do choose to upgrade, we’ll add any leftover credits to your account.

Next steps

If you’re currently using FormAssembly’s Pay as You Go plan, visit the link below to learn more about the upgrade process. Questions? Just reach out to our Customer Success Team. Thanks for being a loyal FormAssembly customer—we’re excited for you to try our Professional plan!

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