FormAssembly launches on Google Apps Marketplace

We have an exciting news today. Well, for us at least, but we hope you’ll enjoy it too. FormAssembly is now available on the Google Apps marketplace. This complements the two new features we announced last week: Google Site and Google Spreadsheet integration.
If you’re familiar with Google Spreadsheet forms, you probably appreciate how easy and convenient they are, but you may also have wished they had more features, like pop-up calendars for date fields or conditional logic.
We made sure that FormAssembly is a great replacement to Google Spreadsheet forms. We offer many important features lacking in Google’s tool and with our new marketplace application, we can offer the same seamless experience.
When you deploy FormAssembly for Google Apps, you turn on single-sign-on, enable quick access to FormAssembly via Google’s universal navigation and grant the necessary permissions to make our integration with Google Spreadsheet and Google Sites just work.
If you have a Google account and want to try FormAssembly, go to our marketplace listing and click ‘Add it Now’. You’ll be up and running in just a few minutes (check out the screencast below).
If you have both a Google account and a FormAssembly account, you can deploy the application as well. If FormAssembly doesn’t recognize your account, open a support request so we can link the two accounts together.
Here’s a short screencast showing how to install FormAssembly for Google Apps:

FormAssembly for Google Apps Installation Screencast (1mn)

You can read more about how the integration with Google Apps works in our FAQ and in our previous announcement. We’re looking forward reading your comments and feedback here in the blog, on our uservoice forum or on twitter.

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