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FormAssembly is in the news! Samantha Mestwarp, FormAssembly Account Executive, wrote an article for Nonprofit Technology News about maintaining budget-friendly nonprofit data privacy and security. Get the highlights in this blog post and head over to Nonprofit Tech’s website to read the full article.

Article: “How Nonprofits Can Keep Their Data Secure While Staying Under Budget”
Author: Samantha Mestwarp, Account Executive, FormAssembly
Website/Publication: Nonprofit Technology News

Article Summary:

In the Nonprofit Technology News article written by Samantha Mestwarp, she discusses:

  • How nonprofit organizations can keep their data secure, despite the lack of resources
  • Why it is crucial for nonprofits to stay educated on regulations and best practices
  • How transparency plays an important part in the data collection process

The Highlights:

Samantha Mestwarp on the lack of resources that nonprofit organizations may have:

“While nonprofits understand the importance of data privacy, they don’t necessarily have access to the same resources that enterprises and for-profit businesses do. Most people in the nonprofit field must wear multiple hats, as opposed to having just one person dedicated to a data security role, and nonprofit budgets are often limited.”

Samantha Mestwarp on the need for tighter data security in the era of COVID-19:

“With the CCPA and other new regulations, more and more donors and consumers are becoming aware of what their rights are and taking advantage of this. This is especially true during COVID-19, as cybercriminals are becoming more active, resulting in the need for stricter data security overall.”

Samantha Mestwarp on the importance of transparency when collecting and storing data:

“Being transparent not only leads to increased accountability, but it also helps ease donors’ minds on how their data is being handled and makes them feel more comfortable throughout the donation process.”

The article can be found in full here.

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