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FormAssembly is in the news! Joey Owens-Barham, Director of Talent and Culture at FormAssembly, is featured in this Training Magazine article about leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read this blog for an article overview and head over to Training Magazine to check out the full article.

Article: “Leading Through a Pandemic”
Author: Lorri Freifeld
Website/Publication: Training Magazine

Article Summary:

In this Training Magazine article written by Lorri Freifeld, she discusses:

  • How government mandates have caused many employees to work from home
  • Why business leaders are struggling to handle a crisis of this magnitude
  • Best practices for those navigating the remote work experience for the first time

The Highlights:

Lorri Freifeld on the general lack of emergency preparedness companies have:

“According to a March study of 1,097 adults by VitalSmarts (, a third of respondents said their organizations have a plan in place they are confident about and 43 percent have a basic plan—even if it is ‘hastily assembled.’ But respondents also said 1 in 5 leaders are unprepared to manage remote teams.”

Joey Owens-Barham, Director of Talent and Culture at FormAssembly, on the trust that is required for the remote work environment to be effective:

“Trusting in your team, knowing they’re capable of being productive, and having enough faith to let them do their work gives them a sense of empowerment.”

Joey Owens-Barham on the flexibility that remote work offers:

“Allowing remote employees to determine their own work hours is important to consider, too, since everyone functions differently during different parts of the day. Identifying the peaks and valleys of productivity is key to thriving in a remote model.”

The article can be found in full here.

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