FormAssembly Incident Report for October 7-8, 2016

Friday evening, October 7 at 6:31pm GMT-4, FormAssembly experienced extensive load problems, causing downtime for a number of customers. The initial incident was remedied by 11:35pm GMT -4. This issue was caused by heavy traffic, which resulted in the uncovering of an undiscovered bug in our deployment system, leading to eventual lockups and timeouts.
Enterprise and Compliance Cloud customers were not affected by this outage. All impacted customers will be notified via email.
Implication from the incident continued into Saturday, as associated connectors continued to work improperly. These connector issues were resolved Saturday at 11:54am -4 GMT.  This portion of the incident is being remedied, as all data collected is being resent through the connectors, resulting in no further data loss. Continual diagnostics and adjustments have been made over the past weekend to ensure all forms and connectors are working properly moving forward.
We regret the incident, and apologize for any continued impact this may have had on our customers. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to improve our systems and functionality, and are further reviewing our internal processes to ensure that incidents like this are avoided in the future.
Thank you for your understanding,
The FormAssembly Team

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