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Article: “Interview with Cedric Savarese, Founder and CEO at FormAssembly”
Website/Publication: USA Weekly
Article Summary:
In this USA Weekly interview with FormAssembly’s CEO Cedric Savarese questions cover

  • An overview of FormAssembly as a company
  • Cedric’s favorite part about his role at FormAssembly
  • The challenges FormAssembly faces
  • Advice on business Cedric would give to his former self

Standout Quote:

“Don’t hesitate to make strong opinionated choices. Early on in your career, it’s tempting to try to keep your options open, explore multiple avenues to grow your business, and keep non-strategic projects on life support, just in case. Every bit of revenue stream looks better than nothing, and every customer seems worth going after. In truth, once you’ve made a breakthrough, you need to focus 100 percent on exploiting the opportunity, and let go of everything else.”

Read the rest of the article on USA Weekly.

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