FormAssembly In The News: Overcoming Unprecedented Business Challenges with Salesforce | Mason Frank


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FormAssembly is in the news! A new whitepaper by Mason Frank provides insight about how businesses can utilize Salesforce to overcome unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. The resource includes best practices and advice from several industry experts, including FormAssembly. Read on for an overview.

Whitepaper: “Overcoming Unprecedented Business Challenges with Salesforce”

Author/Website: Mason Frank International


In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this resource includes advice from SaaS experts about business continuity during a crisis. The whitepaper discusses:

  • Salesforce insights, advice, and best practices from industry professionals
  • How to optimize your business with Salesforce in order to cut costs, optimize resources, and upgrade infrastructure
  • How to keep data secure in Salesforce
  • Tips for managing remote Salesforce teams

The Highlights:

Mason Frank on data security during the COVID-19 crisis:

“Recent events have meant remote working has become widespread a little sooner than anticipated, and CRM users all over the world are now accessing Salesforce and its data on their personal devices. In the face of increased remote working and a growing reliance on digital systems, businesses need to step up their efforts to protect their data from both internal and external threats.”

Jaineesh Davda, FormAssembly Director of Infrastructure and Security, on the evolving data security space:

“Finance and healthcare industries are at major risk as these industries are highly regulated and tech modernization is often slow. I recently read a quote that stated, ‘Rapid digital transformation has been led by COVID-19 and not the CIO or CTO.’ This means they must react and optimize their systems for the new climate.”

Chris Gardner, Salesforce Architect, on the importance of data security in Salesforce:

“Any org that is running a community should review their external sharing and security model, including that of guest users. When you’re potentially exposing Salesforce data to external users through a community, you want to take extra care to lockdown records, objects and permissions. It’s not uncommon to have overly permissive security and sharing here.”

The whitepaper can be found in full here.

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