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Article:Informing Forms — Cedric Savarese, Founder and CEO of FormAssembly — The Revolutionary Platform That Assists With Data Collection and Form Management

Host: Richard Jacobs

Website/Publication: Future Tech Podcast

Article Summary:

In the Future Tech Podcast interview with host Richard Jacobs, he interviews Cedric Savarese, FormAssembly’s Founder and CEO, discussing:

  • The simplicity of using FormAssembly as a data collection tool as compared to manual processes.
  • The security of FormAssembly’s data collection methods, which meets various compliance regulations.
  • The projects FormAssembly is working on, both short and long-term.

The Highlights:

Cedric Savarese on FormAssembly’s mission:

“FormAssembly is a platform that organizations can use to collect data through online forms and surveys. So, it’s designed to streamline the organization’s processes…Our goal is to help our customers be good stewards of the personal information that they collect through our platform.”

Cedric Savarese on FormAssembly’s ease of use:

“Our goal is to provide a self-service platform that our customers can use on their own – there’s really no technical skills required. And through our platform, they can be up and running very quickly without needing to get developers or IT involved.”

Cedric Savarese on data privacy in online forms:

“When you share personal information through a form, there’s a lot of trust issues, right? You want to make sure that the company you are submitting the information to is going to have all that data appropriately and responsibly. And so there’s tools that we provide through the form and through the data collection that can help with that through disclosure and through data privacy statements.”

The podcast can be in found in full here.

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