FormAssembly “Gift Guide”: Premier Plan

Happy holidays! It may be all the seasonal cheer in the air, but December’s got us thinking about gift-giving. FormAssembly’s probably not on your friends’ and family’s holiday wish lists, but maybe it’s something you’ve been hoping to get for your department or office.
Here’s our FormAssembly Gift Guide, with a quick overview of each plan, how to know if it’s right for you, and some of the features you’re sure to use over and over. Whether you’re looking to purchase in December or any other time of the year, use this guide to help you buy smarter.
See a previous post on the Professional Plan, and stay tuned for our Enterprise and HIPAA-Compliant Compliance Cloud Offerings.

The Plan: Premier

FormAssembly’s Premier Plan is the perfect step up from the Professional Plan, when you’ve started to realize the benefits of streamlining your data collection with FormAssembly, but are ready for more features and greater productivity and efficiency. With the Premier offering, you can enjoy all the features of the Professional Plan, plus extra abilities like Autosuggest, E-Signature, and the Salesforce Prefill Connector.
Don’t allow limited resources and lack of defined, centralized processes inhibit your team’s productivity. Try FormAssembly’s Premier Plan today.

Who’s it perfect for?

  • Mid-sized businesses
  • Consultants
  • Other businesses and nonprofits who need a more robust plan than the Professional offering

What features will they love?

  • E-Signature feature gives you the ability to gather signatures on forms.
  • Salesforce Prefill Connector allows you to pre-populate form fields with data stored in your CRM.
  • ExactTarget/Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration lets you create subscribers, assign those subscribers to lists, and send data to your custom data extensions.
  • Mobile App enables offline and online collection of data with iOS devices.
  • Autosuggest feature simplifies form filling for users by offering suggestions as they begin to type. Suggestions pull from a CSV you upload of up to 200,000 entries.

Cost: $249/month *paid annually

Don’t just collect data — leverage it.