FormAssembly Gemini: It’s Here


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We’re launching FormAssembly Gemini and taking it out of beta! That means:

  • All new users start with FormAssembly Gemini.
  • Existing users can try FormAssembly Gemini, but heads up! After Monday, January 25, 2016, you won’t be able to revert to the classic version.

Upgrade to FormAssembly Gemini

If you’re on the classic (old) FormAssembly, go to My Account — you’ll see a link that’ll take you to the new FormAssembly!
We encourage everyone to switch to the new FormAssembly, because we’ll continue to keep improving and refining it and we’re eager for your feedback!
On March 1, 2016, we’ll officially retire the classic FormAssembly, so we’re excited for you to upgrade to FormAssembly Gemini before then.

What’s Changed

If you missed it, get a quick recap on the differences between the classic and the new FormAssembly.
Need more guidance? Check out our guide to getting around the new FormAssembly interface.
You can also watch this video to get started:

Note for Enterprise Users

FormAssembly Enterprise users, keep an eye out for Enterprise news! We’ll let you know when we roll out FormAssembly Gemini to you.

Comments or Questions?

Drop a comment here, tweet us @FormAssembly, or check out our contact page for other communication methods! We’re always listening.

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