FormAssembly for AppExchange Update

Disclaimer: This is an old bog post. Instead of SSL, we now use TLS 1.2, the industry standard for encryption.

We have a small update for our Salesforce customers. If you are using FormAssembly for AppExchange, you may now upgrade to the latest release.
What’s new:
This update ensures that access to your FormAssembly data is done over an encrypted connection (SSL) only. This eliminates an annoying warning for Internet Explorer users about the presence of mixed secure/unsecure content on the page.
How to Upgrade:
If you are the Salesforce administrator for your organization, go to our AppExchange listing, click the ‘Get It Now’ button and follow the instructions.  You do not need to uninstall FormAssembly for AppExchange first, your package will simply be updated.  No data will be modified or deleted.
If you have any question or suggestion regarding this update, please leave a comment below, or email us.

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