FormAssembly + Financial Services = The Perfect Match


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If you’re in financial services, you’ve got to try FormAssembly for your data collection needs. With our Salesforce Connectors you can send data to Salesforce to update records for standard and custom objects alike, prefill forms with Salesforce information, update multiple Salesforce instances with a single form, and more!
Need more reasons to use FormAssembly in your financial services organization? Salesforce’s Adam Frank, Principal Solution Engineer (Financial Services) shared some of his thoughts with us on why financial services organizations choose FormAssembly, and we turned that feedback into a blog post!

Key Features

Web to Anything Forms

FormAssembly allows you to create web to anything forms in minutes! That means sending data to any custom or standard object, any object from other AppExchange apps, and any Salesforce vertical cloud.

Simple Integration

The FormAssembly Salesforce Connector is something you have to try for yourself, but the abilities are truly impressive. In the connector you can create or update records, lookup Salesforce records to then conditionally update or create other records, create dependent steps and more.

“Stunning UI” Possibilities

Whether your form is internal or external facing, you want it to look amazing and provide a seamless experience for the user. With FormAssembly, all forms are mobile-friendly, and you can conditionally display questions to customize the form filling experience for the user, prefill information, and more. Additionally, you can use custom CSS to further personalize the look of your form.

Custom Thank You and Redirect Pages

The immediate follow-up to a form filling experience is just as important as the form itself. FormAssembly lets you create custom thank you pages or redirect your users to another page depending on your process.

Financial Services Industry Use Cases


You can use FormAssembly to gather and upload documents to Salesforce, such as for a mortgage application.

Insurance Companies

FormAssembly’s multiple page forms and save and resume feature make long or complex forms a breeze. You can use these features and others for application submission and claims submissions in the insurance industry.


Customer service, including listening and acting upon customer feedback, is more important now than ever for banking institutions. Prefill complaint questionnaires or customer feedback surveys with customer information from Salesforce so they can easily and seamlessly get in touch with you.

Private Equity Firms

FormAssembly is perfect for both complex and simple use cases where you need to send data to Salesforce. If you work at a private equity firm, use FormAssembly for an information request form for potential clients.

Conditional Logic

Lastly, in any of these organizations or any other financial services organization, you can harness the power of conditional logic, which allows you to customize the flow of your form and the questions that users see, based on their answers to other questions.
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