FormAssembly Teammate Highlight: Jen Capenito


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How well do you know the awesome people behind FormAssembly? This series is the place to learn all about our incredible team members. This week we’re profiling Jen Capenito, one of our awesome Customer Support Specialists.
Name: Jen Capenito
Title: Customer Support Specialist
FormAssembly Start Date: August 2017

1. What interested you about FormAssembly in the first place?

Quite simply, it looked like a perfect blend of a small, collaborative team in the tech industry who values customer support! 🙂 I love all those things!

2. What’s your favorite thing about your job?

I love helping people! I enjoy trying to help troubleshoot an issue or offer a suggestion that may make our customers’ lives a little easier. The best thing is when someone writes back and says “It worked! Thank you!”. You can hear how happy they are over email or chat and that is a great feeling!

3. What excites you most about your position and growth opportunity at FormAssembly?

I am so excited to be part of a growing team and I’m hoping that as I learn more, I can pass along my knowledge to new team members as well! My co-workers have really helped me get up and running since day 1, and I hope I can help do that for new folks as they join the team.

4. What are you looking forward to achieving at FormAssembly?

I am fairly new still so for me, it’s all about continuing to learn. I don’t feel like I could ever know enough so I am hoping to continue learning about all things FormAssembly and being able to take what I learn back to the customers!

5. What unique qualities do you bring to the FormAssembly team?

I don’t know that they are so much unique but I thrive on organization and detail. I am positive, empathetic, and I genuinely enjoy communicating with people!

6. What are some of your favorite activities outside of work?

My favorite thing to do outside of work is to spend time with my husband and sons! I also enjoy cooking, walking, and I love watching sports…especially the Patriots!

7. What’s something not a lot of people know about you?

I love documentaries! Any type…just hearing someone’s story is so intriguing to me. The most recent was Spielberg and I was watching one about Adam West last night. 🙂

8. If you were a breakfast cereal, what would you be and why?

I don’t really like sweet food, so I would probably be Cheerios. A bowl of Cheerios with no spoonful of sugar (like I used to do when I was a kid!).

9. Who was your hero as a child?

My dad was my hero. He was a firefighter which was heroic but more so I saw him overcome difficult obstacles and he was there for me whenever I needed him. He was kind and patient and I admired him for that.

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