FormAssembly Teammate Highlight: Angelique Pascual


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How well do you know the awesome people behind FormAssembly? This series is the place to learn all about our incredible team members. This week we’re profiling Angelique Pascual, Customer Support Specialist.
Name: Angelique Pascual
Title: Customer Support Specialist
With FormAssembly Since: August 2017

1. What interested you about FormAssembly in the first place?

When I learned about FormAssembly a few months ago, I explored the company website and came across the teammate highlight articles. Knowing what the team members had to say about the company and the team made me eager to become a part of it as well. I was astonished at the product and the people behind it. Since then, I told myself that I will be featured on the teammate highlight page someday.

2. What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Working as a support specialist entails being understanding of your customers’ needs, listening to them, and valuing them. Along with this is the challenge of dealing with different cases from simple to complex ones every single day. I love how my job makes me a soft and tough person at the same time.

3. What excites you most about your position and growth opportunity at FormAssembly?

I’m eager to acquire more knowledge about our product. My goal is to become better and more efficient at what I do so that I can deliver an outstanding service and help more customers.

4. What are you looking forward to achieving at FormAssembly?

I am looking forward to the day that I’ll be capable of sharing my knowledge with my teammates. I hope to provide valuable contribution to the team not just by handling cases, but also by helping other team members.

5. What are some of your favorite activities outside of work?

Spending time with my family, playing with my dog, reading self-help books, listening and learning to play my favorite piano pieces, and researching my dream destinations.

6. What’s something not a lot of people know about you?

I’m an introvert.

7. Who was your role model as a child?

My mother. I admire her positive outlook towards life, her generosity, patience, and kind heart.

8. What’s your spirit animal?

Owl. I took a few online quizzes and picked the one that describes me the most.
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