FormAssembly + EMEA: Secure Data Collection for Companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa


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Did you know that FormAssembly’s reach extends all around the world? In fact, FormAssembly is proud to help over 5,000 organizations around the world take control of the data collection process, no matter what industry they serve.

Our advanced security and compliance standards instill confidence and peace of mind, regardless of business function or geographic region. For customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), this means unbeatable functionality, security, and reliability.

In this post, we’ll provide an overview of FormAssembly’s activity in the EMEA region, in addition to highlighting the benefits of using our secure and compliant data collection solution for any need.

Quick stats about FormAssembly + EMEA

Over the past several years, we’ve dedicated more resources and hired additional team members to facilitate growth and support to EMEA. Are you curious to know how our team specifically works with customers in the region? Check out these fast facts highlighting our EMEA expansion:

  • FormAssembly’s core industry focus within the EMEA region includes customers in healthcare, financial services, nonprofit, higher education, and government.
  • We regularly attend EMEA events, such as the London World Tour and more.
  • We have dedicated Sales, Partner, and Knowledge teams in the EMEA region.

Benefits of FormAssembly for EMEA customers

EMEA customers can bank on the same incredible features, plan offerings, customer support, and resources that FormAssembly offers to every single customer. Here’s just a snapshot of what you can expect when you choose FormAssembly as your data collection platform:

  • Enterprise plans (multi-user) are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager within the specific EMEA time zone
  • Customer support is available via email 24/5 in the EMEA region; and available via chat Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET
  • Tier-2 Support Engineers available for coverage during EMEA business hours
  • Add-on Priority Support is available with one-hour initial response times, phone escalation, and more
  • Service level agreement with a 99.9% uptime commitment
  • Ability to create web forms and any form text (such as validation error messages) in nearly 50 languages

In addition to these features, our comprehensive Resource Center is designed to provide education, training, and practical how-tos for users of any skill level. Plus, with team members all around the world, we’re available to provide help and assistance within the hours that work for you.

Data hosting and security benefits for EMEA customers

As a security-focused company, we recognize that different geographic regions have unique needs when it comes to data hosting and security. Our team stays up-to-date on changing regulations around the world to provide the best, most trusted solutions possible. For EMEA, this means you’ll experience benefits such as:

  • Data hosting available in London, Frankfurt, Paris, and other regional cities
  • GDPR Compliance and SCA PSD2 Compliance
  • PCI DSS Level 1 certified for all plans
  • Encryption at rest and in transit for all plans
  • Annual security review (available upon request)

Protecting data privacy in the EMEA region

FormAssembly prioritizes data privacy legislation in order to help organizations remain compliant and accountable. To boost our commitment to data stewardship, FormAssembly is compliant with EMEA-specific legislation, including:

  • The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • SCA PSD2

You can learn more about our GDPR compliance on our comprehensive GDPR FAQ page, or by downloading helpful resources like the GDPR Compliance Checklist.

Featured EMEA customer stories

By expanding into the EMEA region, we’ve been able to hear amazing stories about customers and organizations that are using FormAssembly to create positive change throughout the world. Here’s just a sampling of how EMEA customers are driving innovation, social change, and digital transformation with FormAssembly.

Clore Social Leadership

Clore Social Leadership is a U.K. charity that provides training and education for emerging leaders in the social sector. By partnering with Rephrase Consulting, staff revamped and replaced outdated data collection methods (including separate spreadsheets) to connect data seamlessly to their Salesforce org.

Not only did the organization create more cohesive processes for applications and feedback surveys, but team members generated more data for impact measurement, an important metric of success for funders and future partners in the United Kingdom.


Hyphen8 is a consulting agency that implements FormAssembly solutions for organizations that rely on grants and charitable contributions. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Hyphen8 accelerated their offerings and expedited the time it took to launch new giving campaigns. FormAssembly played a significant role in the application and giving processes to allow organizations like the Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland to collect, distribute, and use pandemic funds more efficiently.


FormAssembly’s global network includes several partner organizations in the EMEA region. One of those partners, Economic Change, launched the Supermums initiative to provide Salesforce certification and training to parents re-entering the workforce. Supermums relies on several FormAssembly features, such as e-signature and field mapping, for a variety of internal administrative use cases. In addition, Supermums provides FormAssembly training as a module within their Salesforce education programs.

A trusted partner for EMEA organizations

Are you a tech consulting firm or other agency based in the EMEA region looking to connect your customers with FormAssembly? If so, the FormAssembly Partner Program serves as a dedicated resource for you and potential customers throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

When you become a FormAssembly partner, you’ll experience several perks that benefit both you and your customers, including:

  • Discount to pass along to referred clients
  • Your own no-cost FormAssembly account
  • Access to helpful trainings and learning materials
  • Important product updates, beta testing opportunities, and more

Apply to become an EMEA-based FormAssembly partner, or reach out to our team to learn more about business opportunities, collaboration, and comarketing.

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