Watch Now: FormAssembly’s August 2020 Demo Webinar


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We’ve just wrapped up another successful monthly demo webinar and Q&A session! Each month, members of the FormAssembly team provide a demonstration of our all-in-one web form builder and data collection platform in webinar format. These webinars are a great way for prospective users to get a closer look at FormAssembly’s features and use cases.

After every demo webinar, we invite attendees to ask any clarifying questions they may have about FormAssembly. In the August 2020 demo webinar, we had plenty of great questions that shed additional light on the ins and outs of our platform! If you missed this month’s demo or just need a recap, replay the recording in full below or read on for an overview.

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What you’ll learn

Maggie Tharp, FormAssembly Content Manager, kicks off the August 2020 demo webinar by explaining the basics of FormAssembly’s all-in-one form builder and data collection platform. Katy Lash, FormAssembly Implementation Manager, then walks through some of the platform’s most notable features and capabilities, including:

  • How to build and configure a customized web form
  • How to set up the FormAssembly + Salesforce integration, as well as other integrations
  • How to use other key features like reports

Immediately following the demonstration, Maggie and Katy selected questions from the audience to provide additional details about FormAssembly. These questions from webinar attendees helped shed more light on form customization, use case ideas, Salesforce integration possibilities, and more.

Key takeaways

Thousands of customers in all industries streamline data collection processes with FormAssembly’s drag-and-drop form builder, high security and compliance standards, and robust integrations. If you’re ready to try FormAssembly for yourself, you can start a free 14-day trial today—no credit card required.

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