FormAssembly December 2021 Workshop


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Curious to see how our customers are using FormAssembly or have a few questions about our platform? On December 1, 2021, we hosted an insightful and interactive workshop where we covered use cases, answered audience questions, and discussed ways our platform can help improve your data collection. Read the recap or replay the session in full below.

About the Workshop

FormAssembly is a powerful and user-friendly platform, but sometimes our users need a little extra support to perfect their web forms and data collection processes. Our workshops give the opportunity for users to ask questions and learn tips, best practices, and use case ideas from other FormAssembly users. No question is too complex—past questions have included:

  • How to create more user-friendly web forms
  • Best practices for organizing the form library
  • How to use the Predefined Content feature
  • And more!

Each Workshop is unique since different customers join in with new use cases and questions each time. To register for more upcoming webinars and stay tuned for more workshops like this one, visit our webinars page at the link below.

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