From Customers to Employees: FormAssembly Users Join the Team


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FormAssembly takes pride in the strong relationships we’ve been able to build with our customers. In fact, some of our current employees were FormAssembly customers before they joined our team! In this blog, you’ll learn from some of our customers-turned-employees about why they decided to make the switch from working with us to working for us.

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Hayley McNitt

Field Marketing Manager


“Coming from a healthcare non-profit, FormAssembly was very important in our collection of sensitive data. And as an event planner, FormAssembly made event registration and volunteer management seamless. I’m a fan of anything that increases organization and allows me to focus on my job instead of tedious data management, so I was sold. I saw the Event Coordinator job opening, and figured that FormAssembly would have many like-minded and organization-appreciative individuals on the team, so I decided to apply! I am so glad that I did and that I now get to be a part of the future of FormAssembly!”

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Jordan Schartz

Enterprise Account Executive


“I had a good experience using FormAssembly to put together a POC for a client I was helping streamline new project initiation processes for. So, when I saw an opportunity to join the FormAssembly team remotely, I jumped at it. The help I received from the support team, the flexibility of the tool, and the remote culture all sold me. The commitment of the FormAssembly team to make sure I had everything I needed made a positive impression in my mind. It seemed like people really enjoyed working here.”

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Asuka Goya

Product Manager


“I worked with FormAssembly every day for five years at my previous job at a university, so I’ve been well-acquainted with the product and how useful it can be in streamlining the process of data collection. I also had the opportunity to meet with Cedric Savarese, Founder and CEO of FormAssembly, and Jaret Manuel, Director of Partnerships & Strategic Alliances, at a higher education tech conference. I was impressed with their receptiveness and willingness to talk about feedback that I had right there on the conference floor. As someone who was a user of FormAssembly for years beforehand, I feel that I have some insight into where the users we support now are coming from, and being able to see the problem from their point of view helps me to clearly communicate outcomes and expectations with them.”

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Katy Lash

Implementation Manager


“Prior to joining the FormAssembly team, I worked for a non-profit that certified farms and food producers in the state of Vermont to USDA organic certification standards. They use FormAssembly to collect the annual applications for certification. I was amazed at the power of FormAssembly and Salesforce, and how they helped to accomplish any roadblock we ran into. I was truly impressed by the product, and that made me interested in working for FormAssembly. When I was interviewing for my job, I heard great things about FormAssembly’s culture from others in the Salesforce community. I was grateful for my prior experience with the product when joining the team, and it’s been really cool to see how all of our customers are using FormAssembly for their unique use cases through my job in support!”

To learn more about the FormAssembly team and our company culture, visit our Team page. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the FormAssembly team, check out our current job openings.

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