What it Takes to be Part of FormAssembly’s Customer Success Team


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At FormAssembly, our primary goal is helping our customers achieve success through the use of our platform. Whether we’re helping nonprofits save time and resources or ramping up data security for healthcare organizations, our Customer Success Team is always committed to helping our customers get the most out of our product.

Regardless of whether our customers’ data collection goals are big or small, the FormAssembly team is here to support them. Read on to learn more about the qualities that make up each and every member of our Customer Success Team.

Focused on the unique needs of each customer

We get it—our customers probably aren’t using FormAssembly simply because they enjoy building forms. Instead, customers are using FormAssembly because they need to accomplish major goals for their organization. Whether a customer is looking for a new way to collect data, integrate with Salesforce records, or make a difference in the lives of their own customers, each member of the Customer Success Team is committed to helping our customers make those things happen.

For small organizations, a form builder can relieve employees from time-consuming manual data entry and can make a huge impact on productivity. And for large enterprise organizations, a secure, compliant data collection platform can be revolutionary. Whatever the customer’s needs may be, our Customer Success Team is ready and willing to help make the job easier.

Ready to go above and beyond

FormAssembly is a powerful and flexible app with deep integrations to other services. Because of the wide range of services we provide, it’s important for our support team to be able to quickly drill down into customers’ configurations and troubleshoot complex errors from a variety of sources.

But our Customer Success Team doesn’t stop there. Rather than simply telling you which buttons to push, we help customers set up, repair, and improve essential business processes. Our goal is always to help your data get where it needs to go in the shape you want it to take. Our drive to help our customers succeed is at the heart of what our team does and who we are.

Must be empathetic and present

It’s incredibly important for each member of the FormAssembly Customer Success Team to be able to empathize with customers. It takes a special person to be present for our customers and to ensure their success and satisfaction from beginning to end. Members of the Customer Success Team get to know each customer and genuinely care about helping each individual achieve a unique set of goals.

When hiring for our Customer Success Team, we look for the people who get excited about helping others succeed. At FormAssembly, we have Customer Success Team members that have been camp counselors, teachers, music mentors, nonprofit volunteers, and more. While that may sound like a surprising roster for a SaaS technology company, it shouldn’t be. All those hours helping others be successful have built a solid foundation for the great relationships our team builds with our customers.

Ability to organize and multitask

FormAssembly’s Customer Success Team cares deeply about the success of our customers, but that’s only part of what makes them extraordinary. With the range of customizations and integrations available within FormAssembly, it’s essential that each member of the team is able to move quickly between tickets and to think on their feet.

It’s important for us to look for team members who are able to manage several separate conversations with customers and colleagues within the space of a few minutes. When going through the job application process, each Customer Success Team member must prove that they can stay on top of multiple customers’ needs at the same time while providing updates and assistance so that no one feels neglected.

If you’re building a Customer Success Team of your own, make sure to ask for examples of how applicants prioritize which customers to help first or how they interact with multiple customers at the same time. Do they note the severity or complexity of an issue? Do they give customers updates if it takes longer than expected? Do they talk about first response or average response times? These little things can make a big difference in keeping customers happy.

Curiosity and determination

In a SaaS company, each new member of the Customer Success Team needs to have the curiosity to jump right into a piece of software and start clicking around to learn more about it. Curiosity is key—we look for team members who love finding tricks and workarounds for the multitude of customizations we have available.

The right person will not only be good at doing this, but will also consider it a fun adventure. They’ll also have to press on toward a solution even when it doesn’t seem so fun anymore. Troubleshooting is not the same as simply being technically knowledgeable—it takes grit and determination. Finding the root of a customer’s issue is like a puzzle, and our team loves puzzles, even if the puzzles are extremely challenging.

Strong communication skills

Each member of our Customer Success Team must be able to not only find solutions, but they also must be able to communicate their processes with our customers. Communication skills are key for us to help each other as well, with teamwork being a huge part of the job. It’s common for multiple team members to come together to solve customer challenges.

Communication doesn’t stop there—team members must be able to communicate with the other teams at FormAssembly, from marketing to development and everywhere in between. Our Customer Success Team represents the voice of the customers, and that firsthand experience is invaluable in shaping our product.

There you have it: Each member of the FormAssembly Customer Success Team must be determined, curious, empathetic, and excellent at communicating. These building blocks of the FormAssembly team ensure that every customer’s voice is heard so we can continually improve our product.

Our team is collaborative and connected—we are each other’s best resource. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the FormAssembly team, be sure to check out our culture page or apply for current job opportunities at the link below.

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