3 Ways to Use FormAssembly to Keep in Touch With Customers Throughout the Lifecycle


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Over the past few months, we’ve been talking a lot on the blog about how you can use the features of FormAssembly’s Salesforce Submit and Prefill connectors to act as a seamless replacement for Salesforce Stay-In-Touch, which is scheduled for retirement in June 2017.
You might’ve noticed that we’ve covered a lot of potential use cases that don’t exactly count as staying in touch, but that’s just to show you how much you can do with FormAssembly. Yes, you can stay in touch, but you can also improve communication during the onboarding process by sending prefilled forms and much more.
Think there can’t possibly be any more ways that FormAssembly can help you connect with your customers and drive business? Think again.
In the rest of this article, we’ll share a few more ways you can use FormAssembly’s prefill abilities and Salesforce connector to help assist your communication with customers, wherever they are in the lifecycle.

Engage With Customers Early on in the Relationship

It happened! Your marketing and sales efforts paid off and you gained a new customer. In Salesforce, that means you’ll be converting leads into accounts, contacts and opportunities. Once you’ve changed the status of your leads, it’s important to stay in contact with them.
Sending prefilled forms to customers early in the relationship with the information you already have on a prospect cuts down on the work they have to do. It also keeps your Salesforce records clean and allows you to build on your existing records.
Whether it’s to follow up on a recent purchase, or walk new clients through your onboarding process, a prefilled form can help you provide your customers with a personalized, simple experience and allow you to gather any contact information changes along the way.

Send Surveys to Your Contacts to Enrich the Relationship

No business is perfect, and one of the best ways to improve is to get real-life feedback directly from your customers or partners. These stakeholders likely have plenty of opinions and thoughts on how you could make your services and products more attractive, and asking them shows them how important they are to your business.
Ok, you’re thinking, but nobody really fills out surveys, right? That’s not entirely true. While some people may never fill out your surveys no matter how many follow-up emails you send or incentives you offer, you can still gather valuable insight from just a small percentage of your survey pool.
And, you can increase the chances that people will fill out your surveys if you create forms that aren’t a chore to fill out. Prefilling information for your contacts is just one way to speed up the process.
Here’s an example from our own sales team of how we just prefilling and the Salesforce connector to send prefilled survey forms to partners to gather their insights on FormAssembly and offer the ability to update information at the same time.
SIT blog graphics
The form above pulls in some contact information for a customer and goes on to ask further questions about how the partner uses FormAssembly.
The form above pulls in information from both the contact and the account associated with it, and sends survey responses to a custom survey object that we created in Salesforce. In this form, we also prefill some hidden fields like contact and account ID to ensure record accuracy when the recipients’ submission is passed through the Salesforce Submit Connector. Here’s a deeper dive into how the connectors were set up to make this survey happen.
1. Our setup uses the Salesforce submit and prefill connectors.
2. Partners access the form through a personalized email with a link to the prefilled form.
3. The prefill connector prefills both contact and account information.
4. The submit connector updates contact and account information and sends survey responses to a custom object in Salesforce.

Follow-Up With Customers Post-Cancellation

Losing business can feel like suffering a crushing defeat, especially if the cancellation came out of nowhere. But customers cancel for a variety of different reasons. Depending on their rationale, you can learn from the loss of a customer and make changes to your business or readjust your strategy to avoid losing more customers for the same reason.
You can learn why your customers cancel with a well-timed post-cancellation survey prefilled with the information you have on them and including questions about why they left.
FormAssembly can act as a Salesforce Stay-In-Touch Alternative, but it does so much more than that. Create surveys and store answers in Salesforce, keep your Salesforce records up-to-date easily, and engage your customers with attractive and easy-to-fill out forms.
Sign up for a FormAssembly plan today and find out what a form solution can do for your business.

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