The Form Review Webinar is Coming Back in 2019!


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Form submissions are now closed for the March 12, 2019 webinar, but you can still sign up to attend that webinar and others on our webinar page

Did you attend our Form Review Webinar in November 2018? The event was an overwhelming success, and we received a ton of insightful questions in the Q&A portion. Due to the popularity of the webinar, we’re bringing it back in 2019 with not just one, but a whole series of Form Review webinars. The 2019 webinars will focus on specific FormAssembly topics, such as the form builder and our payment integrations. Read on for more information about the webinars and how to submit your forms for review.

Insights from Services and Success Teams

Just like last year, we’re pulling in our form building pros from Implementation Services and Customer Success departments to share feedback on how to make your forms better. Andrea Hall, Manager of Implementation Services, and Katrina Garza, Manager of Customer Success, will be joined by additional colleagues on their teams to bring you fresh form insights throughout the year.

Webinar 1: Form Builder Focus

In our inaugural Form Review webinar in November 2018, we opened up the review to all kinds of forms and questions. This year, we’re picking a focus for each webinar to offer additional targeting of the topics you care about.

The first webinar will focus on the form builder and everything that’s possible there, including form layout and design, conditional questions, form calculations, and more. We’ll be picking submissions that fit that that theme, so submit your forms and questions with that topic in mind!

Submit Your Forms!

Want to be involved?

  • Submit your information and forms for review using this form. (Forms will be shown in the webinar, so no confidential forms, please).
  • Reserve your spot in the upcoming Form Review Masterclass on March 12, 2019.
  • We’ll select a sampling of forms to review in the webinar in front of an audience. (We won’t be able to use all forms, but if yours is selected, we’ll send an email informing you.)

Email marketing@formassemblycom with any questions.

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