[Webinar Recap] 2020 Form Review Masterclass Series: Webinar #2


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We just wrapped up our second Form Review Masterclass webinar of 2020! This series has been successful year after year as FormAssembly users come together to learn from one another and improve their web forms. In each episode, we highlight real forms submitted by real customers and provide actionable feedback for improvement.
If you missed our most recent Form Review Masterclass, keep reading to get the overview or replay the webinar in full below. This webinar series is great for any FormAssembly user who is looking to get some form-building advice from our experts!

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How to get the most out of your web forms

To kick off the webinar, we share information about some of the resources available to FormAssembly customers. Our goal is always to help our customers be successful with our platform, so we provide:

  • Unlimited form assistance: FormAssembly customers have access to a wide range of helpful form-building resources including free webinars and classes, help documentation, workshops, and more.
  • A reliable Customer Success Team: Our Customer Success Team is committed to helping our customers succeed! If you need any assistance along the way, reach out to them and they’ll be happy to help out.
  • Implementation Services: Need extra support with custom use cases, group training, or onboarding? Implementation Services is here for you.

The Form Review Webinar series is just one example of the resources available to you as a FormAssembly customer. In this particular installment of the series, Hanna Tomelden, FormAssembly Implementation Manager, and Raúl Cervantes, Customer Success Manager (former employee), review and provide feedback for forms submitted by High Hopes and Miracle Foundation.

Form #1: High Hopes Therapeutic Riding

To kick off the reviews, Hanna presented a volunteer registration form submitted by the team at High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, which is a nonprofit organization that provides therapeutic horse riding services. The organization wanted to make sure the form was user-friendly, and they had questions about how to best leverage FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration capabilities. Hanna shared several useful tips and tricks to help High Hopes streamline their form, accomplish their user-friendliness goals, and gather the information they need.

Form #2: Miracle Foundation

The next form up for review was from Miracle Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports vulnerable children and orphans in need. They asked for feedback on their placement plan form to improve the layout and make it more consistent across different devices. Raul shared feedback to help the organization streamline their form, and he also provided tips for how to best view and use the data submitted by respondents.

Key takeaways

With FormAssembly’s easy-to-use form builder, powerful Salesforce integration, and high standards of security and compliance, organizations in every industry are able to simplify the data collection process. By making simple tweaks, you’ll be able to build user-friendly, streamlined forms and collect crucial data more successfully.

If you have any questions of your own, we invite you to reach out to our Customer Success or Implementation Services teams. Our resources page is also a goldmine for additional form-building tips!

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