Form Design Tip: Speed Up with Predefined Content


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Here’s a form design tip on how you can launch forms faster. Use the updated Predefined Content in the Form Builder!

What’s Predefined Content?

Predefined Content are premade fields and sections you can add to any FormAssembly form. Learn more about how Predefined Content can help you save time.

What’s New

We’ve recently expanded our Predefined Content Library to streamline your form building even more! Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

  • Date
  • Date with Calendar
  • Time
  • Time and Date
  • Contact Details (Long and Short): Long includes a mailing address, and Short is just for name, phone, and email.
  • Payment Info: For collecting credit card details. The Sensitive Data settings are ready to go!payment-details
  • Shipping & Billing Addresses
  • Likert Scale: Perfect for surveys and feedback.
  • Checkbox Matrix
  • Short Answer Matrix
  • Radio Button Matrix

We’ve also updated the US States and Canadian Provinces so that the fields are variables, and the abbreviations are within the variable.

Share Your Form Design Tips

Send us your ideas and suggestions. What would you like to see in the Predefined Content? Is there a genius form design tip you’d like to share with us? Leave a comment here or tweet @FormAssembly!

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