Form Builder Tip: Save Time with Predefined Content


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Here’s a Form Builder tip for you! Do you ever find yourself re-creating the same elements, using the same steps, over and over again?
If so, Predefined Content could save you a lot of time. Think of it like a mini-template, or an easy shortcut.
You can save any content you want to use again, whether it’s a field with particular settings, a formatted text block, or an image. For instance, you might want to save a field with a complex formula, or a contact info section with multiple fields (e.g., Name, Email, Phone Number). And Predefined Content is especially useful if you want to use the same element in a different form.

To find existing Predefined Content, open the Form Builder and hover over the Add Content ➜ More… menu. You’ll see that we’ve started you off with some premade elements. For example, you can add a Country drop down menu, complete with options for all countries, or a US Phone Number field with the validation rules already in place.

To save any element in your form as Predefined Content:

  1. Open the Form Builder for an existing form, or start a brand-new form. Create the content you’d like to re-use.
  2. Select the content to open the editing toolbar. Click Options.
  3. In the editing sidebar, click Add to predefined content.

  4. Choose a name for your element. You can also specify a category and a description.
  5. Click Save. Now you can add that element to any form!


To edit existing Predefined Content:

  1. Add the element to a blank form.
  2. Make the desired changes to the element.
  3. Save the element as new Predefined Content.
  4. Delete the old element from the Add Content ➜ More… ➜ Manage Elements menu.

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