FormAssembly Makes Mobile Forms Simple


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We have recently made a number of subtle updates to improve on the usability and functionality of your forms. Some of those changes we’d like to highlight address how forms display on different devices.

Forms that adapt to your users’ device

To start, we now support better device detection. This allows us to determine whether a form is being served to a smartphone, a tablet device, or computer and all the new devices in between. We use this to determine the screen size and make a number of choices from there.

The same form on the iPad and iPhone
Labels above leave question visible with keyboard activated.

First we adjust the form width as well as the width and scale of many of the form elements. On smartphones your forms’ width is constrained to prevent horizontal scrolling to make one handed navigation simpler. We set a maximum width for text fields so that they don’t extend past the screen size. Finally, we move the question’s label above the question’s input to help keep the question visible while the mobile browser focuses on the input field.
For touch devices we added larger checkboxes, radio fields, and input text fields. This makes clicking on an object with a finger easier (as your stout-fingered author can attest).

Preview directly in the editor


If you don’t have a one of these mobile devices to view your form before you release it into the wild, no problem. We included device previews into the form builder so you can see how your form looks on phone, tablets, and computers. Simply select the View option from the top menu, select Target Device, and then choose the device in which you’d like to preview your form. You can even keep building your form just as though you were building it for the device. And while this feature has been available since the release of our latest form builder, we have revisited it to make sure it gives as accurate a representation to the devices as possible with our latest changes.
The best part about all of this is that the changes are applied intelligently and automatically, so that your form looks great on any device without any more consideration on your part. We hope that you, and just as importantly your respondents, like the update we’ve made to make forms more friendly on any device.

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