Year of Unlimited Webinar #4: Expanding Integrations with the HTTPS Connector

Aug 6, 2019 | Resources, Webinar

We might be over halfway through the Year of Unlimited, but our commitment to bringing you more resources about FormAssembly’s unlimited potential has never been stronger! If you missed the third webinar in our Year of Unlimited series, or if you want a refresher on using multiple Salesforce connectors in one form, check out the recap and recording.

On August 15, don’t miss the fourth webinar in our Year of Unlimited series! FormAssembly Creative Manager, Maggie Tharp, and Channel Solutions Engineer, Alex Bariyev, will share how to use the HTTPS Connector to expand form builder integrations.

This webinar will feature an overview of what the HTTPS Connector is and how to leverage it for use with other integrations like Pardot, MailChimp, and GoToWebinar. Attendees can also take advantage of a Q&A portion where you can ask any questions you have about form builder integrations or other topics.

What is the Year of Unlimited?

If you’re new to FormAssembly or haven’t had a chance to check out other posts and webinars, you might be wondering what the Year of Unlimited really means. Beyond the resources you see on our blog, the concept of unlimited is something we believe brings success and potential to every user, in any industry.

The common threads you’ll see in the Year of Unlimited webinar include:

  • Unlimited forms and responses
  • Unlimited customer support through several channels
  • Unlimited use cases and possibilities
  • Unlimited integration options with the FormAssembly Salesforce Connector

If you’d like more information, make sure to explore what the Year of Unlimited means for you and your individual organization.

Year of Unlimited Webinar Roundup

Other Year of Unlimited webinars have covered topics related to form builder integrations and the FormAssembly Salesforce Connector. Dive into these topics by watching the recorded presentation and Q&A of two past Year of Unlimited webinars:

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Whether you’ve participated in previous webinars or have always wanted to join in, this is the perfect opportunity to hear from our expert team and to learn more about form builder integrations.

Make sure to snag your seat and mark your calendar for this next installment in the Year of Unlimited webinar series.

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