How to Make Taxes Less Awful With Web Forms


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Disclaimer: As we are not CPAs, this is not official tax documentation and should be used only for general information. Please consult with your own official tax professional or official IRS sources if you have any specific questions about your tax requirements.

Taxes aren’t many people’s favorite task, but they are inevitable (and mandatory). However, with the right tools and processes you can make some parts of preparing taxes and completing tax-related tasks easier with the right software. FormAssembly is a great form builder for tax professionals that can be used for all sorts of tax-related use cases. We’ve compiled a few below, but the possibilities are unlimited.

Gather Preliminary Information from Accounting Clients

As you’re aware if you’re an accountant or CPA, taxes are filed differently for different types of people. You can use FormAssembly to gather initial information from your clients to determines how their taxes will be filed. After the initial step, you could use forms to gather required documents from clients, benefitting from FormAssembly’s secure data collection and unlimited file uploads.

Track Your Own Small Business Expenses

If you’re a small business owner, there are plenty of things that you buy in the course of doing business that you can write off of your taxes.

These can include:

  • Business/office supplies
  • Training
  • Business gifts and lunches
  • Office space
  • Utilities for your office space
  • Phone service for your business

The charges for these items add up over the year, and to get the most benefit out of your deductions, you’ll want to track them closely. With FormAssembly, you can create a simple form to fill out everytime you make a payment for a deductible expense. You can integrate forms with Google Sheets for even easier organization of the data.

Hire/Onboard Seasonal Tax Workers

If you work in the tax preparation industry, you know that tax workers may not be needed year-round. To help with the rush to hire seasonal tax workers, you can easily use FormAssembly forms to gather information and resumes. After that, forms can be used to create training programs to onboard new workers. (This is similar to one of our use cases at FormAssembly. Read about our internal training forms and 99 other use cases in our new eBook.)

FormAssembly: Simple Form Builder for Tax Professionals

Web forms can’t exactly do your taxes or your client’s taxes for you, but they can help make some parts of tax season easier. Learn more about how FormAssembly works, and sign up for a demo.

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