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We at FormAssembly hope that you all had a good holiday season and that 2010 is off to a great start. One of our goals for the new year is to increase the opportunities you, our users, have to interact with us and with each other. We’ve got several enhancements planned, the first of which is that you can now follow FormAssembly on Twitter.
Why follow FormAssembly on Twitter? First of all, it enables you to communicate with us directly. We’re always open to hearing your opinions and concerns, so in addition to our UserVoice forum you can now provide input through Twitter if you’d like. Following FormAssembly on Twitter also gives you:

  • status reports during incidents and maintenance
  • notification of new features and blog posts
  • links to web form-related topics
  • additional feedback opportunities

Click here to start following FormAssembly, or just to see our recent updates. Questions or comments? Leave them here, on
our UserVoice forum or @FormAssembly on Twitter.

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