Five Sessions You Can’t Miss This Year At #CNX16


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As marketing professionals, we all know that staying on top of the latest trends, technologies, and topics is one of the biggest keys to our success. One of the best ways to do that? By coming together. Some call them “meetings of the minds,” others, “iron sharpening iron.” Us? Salesforce Connections.
With Connections just six days away, it’s about time to start mapping out your personal agenda—which is no small feat. This year, there are more than 150 sessions, so we took it upon ourselves to dig through the weeds and choose the top five sessions that we won’t miss.
Here are the #CNX16 sessions to catch next week in Atlanta:

Pardot Keynote: The Era of Intelligent B2B Marketing Engagement

As proud members of the Salesforce community, we, like many others, have found ourselves digging deeper into the world of Pardot to engage our customers and prospects in deeper, more meaningful ways.
Touted in the session’s description, nearly 65 percent of buyers engage companies after already making a purchase decision.  That makes our job as marketers extremely interesting, data driven, and more consumer-centric than ever before.
Led by Shannon Duffy, CMO of Salesforce Pardot, this session promises to “explore the latest trends you need to know about, and how Pardot will help you better market, sell, and engage in today’s buyer-centric world.”

Circle of Success: The Path to Lifecycle Marketing Success

Lifecycle marketing is a valuable part of any marketing strategy. Gaining, engaging, and retaining subscribers is the heartbeat of our sales cycle. This session promises to “be an interactive group discussion where we will focus on how to move from capturing attention to ensuring lifetime retention of your subscribers across all digital marketing channels within the Marketing Cloud.”
We’re excited to see what this session has to offer in terms of acquiring, onboarding, engaging and retaining subscribers.

How to Build a Marketing Automation Machine That Generates Sales-Ready Leads

The marriage between sales and marketing is unique, fragile, and in need of constant nurture. As marketers, one of the biggest challenges we face is the balance of marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads.
This session, led by Avvo’s Directors of Marketing Julie Clarkson and Sheilin Herrick, will seek to uncover the “mystery” behind creating an effective marketing automation machine that generates sales-qualified leads.
Avvo boasts nearly 100 automated campaigns running daily, converting hundreds of sales-ready leads per month, making these two speakers that we can’t wait to hear from.

Run Marketing Faster, Smarter, Better with Apps

Integrating apps with Salesforce is one of the best ways to streamline processes, engage consumers better, and increase your team efficiency. We are excited to see what apps and processes are out there and recommended by Salesforce.
This session promises to show us “examples of marketing apps that have made a big impact. And, learn how easy it is to create these apps within App Cloud.”

The Future of Mobile: How to Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Mobile is everything. We’ve heard this a million times, in a million ways—but it’s true. With the mobile age in full swing, it’s important for us, as marketers, to stay ahead of the competition by spearheading new initiatives, meeting new consumer expectations, and starting new conversations.
This session promises to uncover the trends coming our way, from chat applications to intelligent bots—and it’s one we don’t want to miss.
With 150 sessions to choose from, no matter where you land, we’re sure that you’ll learn something new this year at #CNX16. Don’t forget to stop by and say hi — we would love to meet you!
Any sessions missing from our list that you’re excited to attend? We would love to hear which ones you’re excited about. Tweet us @FormAssembly or leave a comment below!

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