Find forms with the Sort & Filter feature

Sort and Filter

Hello, FormAssembly users! You might have noticed something new above the list of your forms — a link that says ▸ Sort & Filter. If you click on it, a box will appear. We’re happy to announce that it’s a sorting and filtering feature for your forms.
If you’ve got a ton of forms, you might get slowed down whenever you need to find a specific form.
Here’s a fun bit of trivia: The FormAssembly user with the most forms has 1376 forms!
Okay, you might not have quite that many, and CTRL+F could do the job, but the list won’t get any shorter. You might need to hit “Next” too many times.
Now, as soon as you start typing into the search box, you’ll see results right away. The keywords you type in will be highlighted. And the forms that don’t match will be hidden, so there’s no need to dig. You’ll be able to:

  • sort forms by modified date, with the most recently modified forms at the top
  • sort alphabetically, ascending and descending
  • hide categories

We’ve also merged the lists of owned and shared forms. Shared forms will be marked with “shared by [username]” next to the form title. We decided to merge the lists so that it’s easier to find the forms you’re looking for. That means you won’t have to scroll all the way down to see shared forms.
As always, we welcome your feedback. Tweet @FormAssembly, leave a comment, or drop us a line!

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