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file extension
We’ve just launched file extension and type checking feature at FormAssembly!
This means that file uploads will be even easier for you and your respondents. For example, in the file upload section, you’ll now be able to specify exactly what type of file you’d like your respondents to upload.
Enjoy shortcuts for the three most popular file types. You can conveniently choose from the following categories: Images, office files, and archive files.
If you want to enter a different extension, that’s easy, too — simply select “Custom file extension” and type in your desired extension type(s) without spaces, like this: “doc,docx,pdf,png,zip”.
file extension
When your respondents want to upload files, the file extension type will automatically be detected through FormAssembly. So, if you ask that everyone upload PDF files and someone accidentally uploads a .DOCX instead, they will be notified of this and reminded that they must upload the correct file type.
This saves you from having to reach out to a respondent after realizing that they’ve uploaded the wrong file type.

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To dive in and get started, check out our documentation with easy instructions.

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