February Roadmap Post 2019: SAML Authentication


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Happy February! At FormAssembly, we’re looking forward to a great year full of product improvements, exciting events, user feedback, and of course, more of what we do best: streamlining processes and driving quality conversions.

On the product side, we’re hard at work on several improvements and looking forward to a full rollout of the Sensitive Data Management feature (keep an eye on our main blog for the release post).

One update in particular that we want to mention this month is changes to SAML (or, Security Assertion Markup Language) Authentication to allow users more control over setting up their own SAML authentication.

Feature: SAML Authentication Changes

FormAssembly Release 5.6.0: Enterprise & Compliance Cloud 10/30/2019

Description: Currently, SAML Authentication can only be set up by special request; this update will empower users to configure it on their own. Coming in Q1, users will have more control to set up and manage their own SAML configurations.

With this feature, form creators will be able to apply SAML configuration from the account level to a specific form, edit the SAML configuration for a certain form, and copy the SAML configuration from one form to another.

Users will also be able to control access to their FormAssembly instance by designating some or all of their Cloud account users to have their login delegated to a SAML Identity Provider of the Cloud account owner’s choice.

Our documentation will be updated to include setup instructions for some of the most popular SAML Identity Providers including: OneLogin, Okta, Microsoft ADFS, Salesforce, and more.

Plans: Enterprise and Compliance Cloud

Release Timeline: Q1

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