[Expert Panel] The Future of Remote Culture & How to Adapt Post Pandemic


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These days, most of us are no strangers to a hybrid or fully remote work environment. The “new normal” doesn’t feel all that new anymore as many companies continue to offer flexible options for their employees. But how has this shift to working from home affected company morale? Are companies putting effort into maximizing positive remote culture now? And what does adapting to post-pandemic work really look like?

Watch our on-demand virtual roundtable session to hear our Director of Talent & Culture, Joey Owens-Barham, and other organizational leaders share insights about working from home, how to maintain a strong company culture in times of uncertainty, and the future of remote work. 

What you’ll learn

In the roundtable discussion, panelists discussed their experiences over the past several years in fully remote, hybrid, or in-office work environments. The panelists also dove into topics covering the benefits and challenges of working from home, what the future of remote work culture looks like, and how companies can adapt in a post-pandemic world. You’ll learn about:

  • Tips for maintaining a strong remote culture
  • Advice for retaining remote employees
  • Pros and cons of working remotely
  • Changes in the future of remote work

About our panelists

Joey Owens-Barham, Director of Talent & Culture, FormAssembly

Joey Owens-Barham is an experienced people specialist, operating as the Director of Talent & Culture at FormAssembly. He leads a small team that focuses on ensuring that the company attracts, retains, and empowers departmental teams to achieve their full potential. Joey has prioritized initiatives such as fostering a healthy remote culture, organizing annual employee reunions, and spearheading the company’s transition into an open PTO policy. Joey has also helped significantly grow FormAssembly’s team in strategically building a 130-member international team. When speaking on a strong remote culture, Joey believes that trust, empowerment, and impact are integral to maintaining a successful team. Aside from leading and uplifting his team at FormAssembly, Joey is an active member of the Society of Human Resources Management. 

Ryan Chartrand, CEO, X-Team

Ryan Chartrand is the CEO of X-Team, providing high performing, on-demand teams of developers to the world’s leading brands including Kaplan, Fox Broadcasting, Riot Games, Beachbody, Coinbase, Sony, and more.  With over 15 years of experience, Ryan is an expert at managing remote teams, and building brands and products for major media, hospitality and entertainment companies. He has previously led business development and marketing strategies for X-Team International, operating as a front runner in growing multi-million dollar accounts. Today, Ryan leads X-Team’s strategic roadmap, vision and culture.

Julia Gluck, People Operations Leader, Cloud for Good  

Julia Gluck is a seasoned professional with 10+ years of people operations experience building various programs from the ground up for high-growth companies and mid-sized startups. Currently serving as the HR Business Partner at Cloud for Good, Julia is focused on driving the business forward by creating an exceptional employee experience by being a transformational agent, business partner, and culture champion. Julia believes smart decision-making requires research and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. She looks for gaps in programs, processes, and policies and brings recommendations to leadership so that the business continues to move forward in an ever-changing environment. In addition, Julia is hyper-focused on ensuring the business meets its people-centric goals by leaning into her core belief — companies are only as good as their people. Exceptional people build exceptional cultures and exceptional companies.

John Lee, Software Engineer, Expensify

John has been a part of Expensify’s ever-expanding engineering team for over six years in San Francisco and more recently, New York City. The computer engineering expert has also worked heavily in educating others to develop their technological skills. Dealing with a remote-first world with internal practices and hiring has given him skills and experience- creating fostering environments for any employee to “Get Shit Done”, wherever they are.

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