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Article: “You Need the Right Tech and the Right Culture for Your Remote Business to Succeed”
Author: Cedric Savarese, Founder and CEO of FormAssembly
Website/Publication: Entrepreneur

Article Summary:

In the Entrepreneur article written by FormAssembly’s Founder and CEO – Cedric Savarese, he talks about:

  • The benefits of setting-up a remote business with distributed teams.
  • Some tips and tricks for managing distributed teams and setting up a remote business for success, drawing on his own learnings from starting and growing FormAssembly.
  • How in addition to the right technology tools, culture is imperative in a successful remote business.

The Highlights:

Cedric on his experience in starting and running a remote company:

“The company I started in Bloomington, Indiana is now fully distributed, with more than 50 employees across six countries. We run a software solution, FormAssembly, serving more than 4,000 customers and growing. I didn’t set out to build a remote company, but we naturally transitioned into one fairly quickly and learned a few things along the way.”

Cedric on remote workers versus traditional officer workers:

“According to a Leadership IQ survey, people who work from home full-time are almost twice as likely to love their jobs than employees who work in traditional offices. They’re more motivated to succeed at their jobs as well as meet deadlines compared to workers in traditional office spaces.”

Cedric on managing distributed teams:

“Measure productivity not from the hours spent sitting in a chair in sight of your corner office, but from results achieved. Let go of your desire to micromanage employees’ time. They’ll appreciate the flexibility and trust, and with the right culture and team dynamic, they’ll be the best team you’ve ever worked with.”

Read the rest of the article on Entrepreneur.

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