Enterprise Customers: Why to Schedule Your Gemini Migration Today

We released FormAssembly Gemini last summer, but if you’re an Enterprise user, the switch likely wasn’t immediate. We’re now aiming to retire the old infrastructure and migrate all Enterprise users to the new infrastructure by July 31, 2017. All you need to do is schedule the migration at a time that works for your organization by emailing [email protected].
In addition to ensuring the best possible FormAssembly experience and the continued delivery of software and security updates, here are some more reasons this shift is a great thing for your organization:

  • Better hardware and highly redundant and scalable design focused on removing single points of failure. What that means is that the infrastructure’s performance doesn’t rest on one component of the design; if one area fails, redundancy ensures that there are backup measures in place to prevent the whole system from going down.
  • Improved reCaptcha that meets the latest technology trend and security standards.
  • An improved technology stack, which keeps up with industry standards.
  • A simplified, modernized look and feel for the interface. It’s a fresh revamp that will look great on your Retina and 4K screens.
  • Improved reports that allow you to drag and drop columns, filter results, and more.
    A fully-responsive, mobile-friendly form manager that lets you access your form settings and responses right on your phone.
  • The new infrastructure also helps protect users from issues related to high loads, which are caused by a combination of complex forms and large amounts of responses and can cause unresponsiveness or slow form loading times.

The old infrastructure is currently in maintenance mode and will not see any new product updates.
Roughly half of Enterprise customers have migrated to the new infrastructure, but we hope to have all customers migrated by July 31, 2017.
For more information on scheduling your migration, please review this documentation article or email [email protected].

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