FormAssembly Joins Initiative

At FormAssembly, we believe that a flexible remote culture is key to our success. We’re embracing that flexibility even more by joining in on an initiative from and offering our employees paid time off on Election Day so they can vote.
As we already strongly prioritize work-life balance, this movement fits right in with our existing culture. By joining the initiative, we hope to encourage employees to exercise their constitutional right to vote without the added anxiety of having to fit in a trip to a polling location during work hours.
According to, 60 percent of eligible people didn’t vote in the last midterm election, and over a third of those people attributed it to issues with work and school scheduling. This initiative aims to improve those numbers by removing at least one major barrier to getting to polling locations on time.
This movement is gaining popularity and includes 250+ plus other businesses. Companies include well-known names such as Pinterest, Lyft, and Dropbox, and even some of our partners, like Idealist Consulting.
For more information on the initiative, visit the website.

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