New Report: Exploring the Economic Impact of FormAssembly


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When you’re considering purchasing a product, platform, or service, you most likely want to know what you can really expect in terms of results. Will the return on investment be worth it? Will your team members and customers actually enjoy using it?

At FormAssembly, we know the value of these crucial questions, which is why we put together our new report, Exploring the Economic Impact of FormAssembly. To create this report, we connected with our customers to explore the quantifiable benefits, savings, and results they’ve experienced with our platform. Keep reading for an overview of what you’ll learn in the report.

About the Report

We know that both potential and current customers want to investigate the advantages and benefits that FormAssembly offers. When creating this report, our team took the following steps to provide the most accurate and reliable data about FormAssembly savings and benefits.

  • A detailed customer survey: We surveyed FormAssembly Enterprise and Compliance Cloud customers from all industries and experience levels to learn more about their genuine, real-life experiences with our platform. Customers were given the option to go public or remain anonymous on the report (per request).
  • A hypothetical savings scenario: By combining the results of the survey and analyzing common responses, we designed a hypothetical FormAssembly savings scenario to help future users better understand the possible impacts.

In our research, we learned that customers in all industries have experienced a wide range of positive results with our platform, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Monetary savings from eliminating other software solutions
  • Improved employee and team morale
  • Better customer experience and satisfaction
  • Increase in form responses

In addition to the impacts mentioned above, customers also identified tangible ways that they saved money, time, and resources by getting started with FormAssembly quickly. In the report, we unveil the specific numbers, savings, and costs associated with implementing FormAssembly.

Hear from customers like you

Exploring the Economic Impact of FormAssembly pulls back the curtain on what makes FormAssembly an ideal choice for secure data collection. In this report, we’ve highlighted a diverse roster of customers who represent the broader community of FormAssembly users, which includes:

  • Users across multiple industries
  • Small and large organizations
  • Long-term and brand new FormAssembly users

This report shows how FormAssembly helps organizations of all kinds save money as they work to streamline outdated processes, increase organizational efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Visualize your own results

Although we recognize that each customer’s results are unique, we know that big things are possible when you make the jump to FormAssembly. To visualize your own results, don’t forget to use our ROI Calculator to get a preview of what smarter data collection methods can do for you. 

Once you’re ready to start exploring use cases and solutions, reach out to our team.

Access your copy of the report

Download your copy of FormAssembly’s Economic Impact Report today to check out the common characteristics of FormAssembly customers and to see a detailed analysis of benefits. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with FormAssembly!

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