eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Web Form Design

Good web form conversion is one of the biggest necessities for an organization, but it’s also one of the biggest struggles. From registration forms to job applications, too often people abandon a form before it’s completed or submitted. Why do web forms have such a bad reputation? Part of the answer is bad design. Web forms that don’t prioritize design can be both difficult and confusing to fill out and unattractive and unimpressive to look at.

In our newly revamped eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Web Form Design, we’re exploring updated best practices for designing online forms. By mastering good design, you can improve form response rates, customer engagement, and data collection. Read on for an overview of what you’ll learn in the eBook!

What you’ll learn

Designing web forms doesn’t have to be complicated. Our new and improved guide to web form design includes plenty of tips and tricks that will help you improve your own forms. We’ll uncover the most common design issues and walk you through the steps to create beautiful, user-friendly forms, from the colors to the copy. In the guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Master your form fields and how to put yourself in your customers’ shoes to determine what information to ask
  • Create a logical layout that emphasizes key points and provides clear instructions for respondents
  • Make the form your own by incorporating your organization’s logo, fonts, and colors
  • Choose words wisely to guide respondents through your form without causing confusion
  • And more!

Throughout the eBook, we provide pro tips from our expert design team as well as instructions about what NOT to do when designing web forms. We have also included visual examples, so you can see the importance of good online form design firsthand!

Start designing better web forms

With all the web form design best practices at your fingertips, it’s time to start designing your own forms! FormAssembly makes this process easy with our no-code, drag-and-drop web form builder. Our platform lets you build and design branded, user-friendly forms in minutes—no technical skills required! Choose between a blank form or premade templates for all your data collection needs, from registration forms to applications and surveys. Download your free copy of the eBook today, then start a 14-day free trial and begin designing better web forms today!

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