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There is no shortage when it comes to issues in web form conversion. From checkout forms to job applications, sometimes it seems that people just don’t really want to fill out forms. Period. But, we know that can’t entirely be true.

So, why? Why do web forms catch such a bad reputation when it comes to conversion? Part of the answer is bad design. Web forms that don’t prioritize design can be both difficult and confusing to fill out and unattractive and unimpressive to look at. It’s an all-around bad combination.

Our latest eBook uncovers the most common issues with web form design and explores some easy best practices to give you tips on improving your web forms. The eBook covers:

  • Form fields
  • Form layout
  • Form colors and branding
  • Form copy

You’ll also learn some lessons about what NOT to do and how to turn around bad data collection processes. (Something we’ll be talking about a bit more over on Twitter.)

Download your copy of the eBook today.

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